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Lembram-se da Anne-Marie Slaughter?


Agora, é a vez do marido dela contar como é isto de tentar "ter tudo" do ponto de vista do pai. O texto é, mais uma vez, muito bom. E levanta outro tipo de questões, sobre os estereotipos associados aos homens, de que geralmente não se fala.


A mim (por razões que eu cá sei) tocaram-me especialmente estas partes:


"(...) Lead parenting is being on the front lines of everyday life. In my years as lead parent, I have gotten the kids out of the house in the morning; enforced bedtimes at night; monitored computer and TV use; attempted to ensure that homework got done right; encouraged involvement in sports and music; attended the baseball games, piano lessons, plays, and concerts that resulted; and kept tabs on social lives. To this day, I am listed first on emergency forms; I am the parent who drops everything in the event of a crisis. These tasks aren’t intrinsically difficult, and my to-do list is far shorter than that of parents who cannot afford household help. Yet the role has unavoidably taken a toll on my professional productivity. (...) At the end of life, we know that a top regret of most men is that they did not lead the caring and connected life they wanted, but rather the career-oriented life that was expected of them. I will not have that regret."

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