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"We’re conditioned to maximize (and monetize) every moment of our days, and we often feel guilty if we forego work for the sake of acting purely for pleasure. I’m constantly complaining about being trapped in a capitalist system that runs on sexism, white supremacy, self-policing and devotion to devices that — one could argue — have become crucial to our survival. Yet I barely notice the wonder that is the sun’s photons warming my face because I’m too busy swiping through the paths of least congestion to get to work faster and increase my efficiency.

My new inspirational mantra is: fuck efficiency, get pleasure. What if we took a break from double-timing eating and answering emails, or tweeting while we poop? (Say what you will, but for many defecating is a pleasurable experience.) What if we just allowed ourselves these few, precious moments a day to feel unabashed, unmitigated pleasure?

Of course, reconnecting with the sensual experiences of being human isn’t a switch to be flipped, and there isn’t a definitive cure-all (i.e. “going outside”). But in a time when we’re encouraged to measure fulfillment in likes and emails answered, reclaiming pleasure in these small ways — in pausing to take the first deep breath of our day before checking our mentions, or allowing ourselves a post-exercise stretch without digital double-tasking — can be an act of resistance, and has the power to make us more fulfilled and energized in the long run.

Not to mention, it can be delicious."

Texto de Molly Savard. Ilustração de Rose Wang.  

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