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Na América

"In recent weeks, these people said, Mr. Baquet had become angered over a decision by Ms. Abramson to make a job offer to a senior editor from The Guardian, Janine Gibson, and install her alongside him in a co-managing editor position without consulting him. It escalated the conflict between them and rose to the attention of Mr. Sulzberger. (...) Ms. Abramson did not return messages seeking comment. As part of a settlement agreement between her and the paper, neither side would go into detail about her firing. (...) Jane Mayer, a journalist at The New Yorker and a friend of Ms. Abramson, said, “I know that Jill cares passionately about great journalism and The New York Times. She works incredibly hard, holds everyone including herself to the highest standards, and is a forceful and fearless advocate. Not everyone is going to like that, but it’s what makes her one of the most talented journalists of our times.”"


Esta notícia foi escrita pelo The New York Times sobre a demissão da sua própria diretora, Jill Abramson. É mais ou menos o mesmo género de notícias que os jornais costumam fazer por cá quando há mudanças na sua direcção, não é?

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